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What is Downcity Outfitters?

Downcity Outfitters is a retail store located in the heart of downtown Providence, Rhode Island.  We sell outdoor and urban lifestyle clothing and accessories that are authentic and high-quality. 

Where is Downcity Outfitters?

Our address is Hope Artiste Village 999 Main St. Unit 712 Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860. 

What is the Downcity Outfitters bike share program?

The Downcity Outfitters Team manages this program.  It gives people the opportunity to rent a bike from us in order to use for a predetermined amount of time.  Whether running late for work or simply keen to take a leisurely tour of the town, you will enjoy one of our colorful Dutch-style bikes.  All that it will cost you is a donation, in the amount of your choosing, to a local Rhode Island charity that we have chosen.

Submitting goods/ works to Downcity Outfitters?

Here at Downcity Outfitters we are extremely committed to the community and we know that there is a lot of talent right here in our backyard.  Please share any ideas/photos with us at this address:   

Our Store Hours?

Monday 2pm - 5pm
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm

Closed Sunday

Our Return Policy?

30 days from date of purchase and all returns will be in the form of a store credit.  Please see “returns” page for more details.